​Educational - Inspirational - Interactive: Circus & Drama Workshops 

​All Circus Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your needs but these are the most popular choices:

Circus Workshop: 2hrs - all ages

After an interactive demonstration of all the equipment, everyone will learn how to: balance peacock feathers; flip flower sticks; juggle with beanbags and/or scarves; spin plates. I often work with large groups at the same time (up to 100), splitting the children into smaller groups, with each group learning each skill on a carousel basis. Slapstick Comedy will also be taught and everyone will have the opportunity to perform at the end. 

I also have a variety of other equipment that I could bring if needed: Chinese spinning cloths; cigar boxes; diabolos; stage juggling balls for different types of manipulation; juggling clubs; juggling rings.

Circus Day eg. 8.50am-3.15pm for schools or 10am-4pm for outdoor events - all ages

More in-depth than the Circus Workshop, including exploring creative potential through group games, improvisation, clowning and slapstick. Participants will work towards performing a show at the end of the day. You may have a theme in mind or it could be decided by the group. A great idea for many schools is for me to come in and teach shorter Workshops throughout the day, thus giving lots of pupils the opportunity to participate. 

Circus Project: 2-5 days - 5yrs+

In addition to learning and developing the same skills as above, exploring the use of UV and glow equipment, and developing skills in pairs and small groups. Exploring characterisation, learning comic routines and further developing circus skills for individual and/or group performance. To perform several sketches or one big show on the last day.

Why Learn Circus Skills?

​The main objective of my circus workshops is to have fun, and to learn and develop some new and existing skills. Group work will feature strongly, including the building of trust and skill-sharing. The performance of circus skills can give a tremendous sense of achievement and confidence. Children quickly learn to perform skills neither they nor their audience would have thought possible. Those with concentration and behavioural difficulties often co-operate well in my workshops and focus for longer periods. Through my circus work, I've affected life changing experiences on a significant number of children and young people. Although some children may not perform well at more traditional subjects, many of them excel in the Arts. Instead of failing, they quickly discover that they're able to do it and become empowered by their own success. Not only do the children perform better but they have a desire to perform better. Helping children to find that desire and to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to further their creative potential, has always been paramount in my work.

There are many benefits to learning circus skills:

Improvements in concentration, eye-hand co-ordination, focus, reflexes, rhythm, balance, fine motor skills, and behaviour.
Development of accuracy in throwing and catching.

Practising listening, observing and following directions.
Builds self-confidence and esteem.
Employing multiple intelligences, stimulating both sides of the brain.
Builds teamwork and teaching skills as group routines develop.
Learning to put objects in logical order.
A physical workout as well as a mental one.

It is an ongoing cognitive process learning what you are doing right, and what to do to correct your mistakes.
Children don’t just perform better, they have a desire to perform better.
Learners can pass on their skills to others, which in turn, will increase their own skills, knowledge and experience.
Girls and boys are equally adept.
Once you have learned to juggle or spin a plate, etc, it’s almost impossible to forget – it’s a skill for life.
Circus skills are self-paced. There’s no time pressure, since there is no standard for comparison except each individual’s previous level of accomplishment.

Booking Requirements

Circus Workshops require a large space, preferably an indoor gymnasium or hall. Classrooms are okay for most skills, but not the diabolo as this needs more height. Circus Workshops could be outside, though it's not good in rain and/or wind. If a teacher/assistant/youth worker/parent is in the room, it's vital that they're willing to have a go. Everyone will have a great time and the Workshop will run more smoothly if everyone in the room is participating and developing skills together.

Please get in touch as soon as possible, so that I can provide you with a quote for your organisation. I'll need your name and contact details, the address where you'd like the Workshop to be held, start and finish times and approx number of participants. I look forward to hearing to hearing from you soon.

Contact Tom: 07900 367079    OR    tom@tkarts.co.uk